Precia molen Liquid filling systems BOTTOM FILLING – SINGLE DRUM (Model : BF-SD)



The bottom filling single drum (BF-SD) system is used for semi-automatic drum filling applications. And it is mainly suitable for filling all types of foaming & static products.


  • Suitable for foaming, fuming, toxic, solvent and product generating static charge.
  • Suitable for capacity ranging from 20kg to 300kg drums.
  • Load cell based weighing platform with idler / powerised roller.
  • Three stage filling operation (coarse, fine and super fine) for better filling accuracy and consistent performance.
  • Step by step lance up movement to avoid foam, fume and static charge.
  • Pillar arrangement for mounting pneumatically operated diving nozzle filling lance with pneumatically operated foot valve.
  • Drip collection tray provided to avoid material spillage on container and platform.
  • inflight compensation facility to get good accuracy.
  • Inbuilt totalizer and drum counter.
  • Recipe / SKU management facility for various density products with separate target setting.


  • Conveyor automation.
  • Connectivity with PLC & SCADA.
  • Bunging, De-Bunging and Crimping tools.
  • Available for Ex Zones.

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