Hopper Scale Range

Our hopper scales are built to last, robust and reliable, and fitted with ISO components ensuring long-term working order with little maintenance.

They are designed for high flow weighing of dry commodities with good flowability such as cereals and fertilizers. With a range width from 200 to 4 000 m3/h, the ABS XL & HF are particularly suitable for the loading-unloading station in grain elevators to manage the ship/train/truck in-bound and out-band.

Our ranges are CE certified to meet the current machine standard, and Ex to meet the installation of the scales in hazardous areas.

Due to its very high capacity, ABS XL / HF are mainly used for Trade Use applications so all the range can be installed under NTEP or OIML certification (0,2 Class)

We understand that loading and unloading high capacity vessels take time, and is a critical phase to your operation. To avoid any costly down time Precia Molen has designed a Self Calibration Monitoring System, which aims to constantly guarantee the accuracy of the scale. Also offers a redunacy system should a loadcell fail. This system is avaiable as an option on all our hoppers.

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